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Rainfall in Eastern UAE Regions, Yellow and Orange Weather Alert Issued

Residents in the eastern United Arab Emirates were treated to rain on Saturday.

Residents in the eastern parts of the United Arab Emirates had the opportunity to witness rainfall on Saturday. 

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) had earlier forecasted rain for the country’s eastern regions, and this prediction materialized in areas such as Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah.

Weather Alerts:

In response to the rain, the NCM issued yellow and orange weather alerts, cautioning residents against outdoor activities in these regions and urging them to be vigilant regarding potentially hazardous weather conditions.

Cloud Seeding Mentioned:

The NCM mentioned cloud seeding in its posts on social media, alerting residents to the rainfall in specific areas.

Subheading: Visuals of Rainfall.

The Storm Centre on X (formerly Twitter) shared several videos of the rain, providing a glimpse of the downpour in various locations, including Dibba and the Masafi region. The videos capture the rainwater-filled streets as vehicles navigate through moderate to heavy rainfall.

Temperature Range:

For the day, temperatures are expected to dip to a low of 21ºC, with maximum temperatures reaching 41ºC. The rainfall provides a welcomed relief from the typical arid climate in the region.

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