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Rain Relief in the UAE Set the Stage for a Pleasant Weekend

The UAE is experiencing milder temperatures, promising inhabitants a pleasant weekend ahead.

Following a much-needed bout of rain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is experiencing cooler temperatures, offering residents the prospect of a pleasant weekend ahead.

Weather Outlook:

The weather forecast for today indicates partly cloudy skies with intermittent chances of convective cloud formation, as reported by the National Centre of Meteorology. 

This pattern may lead to rainfall in some coastal, northern, and eastern areas of the UAE.

Changing Conditions:

As night falls and transitions into Sunday morning, humidity is expected to prevail, particularly over coastal and internal areas. 

This increase in humidity raises the possibility of mist formation, adding to the atmospheric variation.

Wind Patterns:

Light to moderate winds will persist throughout the day, occasionally intensifying and leading to episodes of blowing dust. 

The wind conditions contribute to the changing weather dynamics in the region.

Temperature Range:

Temperature variations across the UAE will be noticeable. Mountainous regions are expected to witness a temperature drop to as low as 15ºC, providing relief from the heat. 

In internal areas, the minimum temperature will be around 18ºC. On the warmer side, parts of the country can anticipate a maximum temperature of 37ºC.

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