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Quince: Where Dining Becomes Design Discovery

Quince is a mix of gastronomic delights with a 30-year legacy in interior design, driven by the vision of father-son combo Amer and Abdulla Al Tamimi.

Have you ever dined in a Dubai restaurant and wished to take home a piece of its charm? Your wish becomes a reality at Quince, a novel F&B destination in Umm Suqeim. 

Beyond relishing Mediterranean delights, patrons can acquire paintings, décor, and even select furniture items showcased within the restaurant.

A Fusion of Flavors and Design Legacy:

Driven by the vision of father-son duo Amer and Abdulla Al Tamimi, Quince represents a fusion of gastronomic delights and a 30-year legacy in interior design. 

Their passion project extends the family’s artistic heritage, intertwining healthy cuisine with captivating design elements.

Customization and Creative Revival:

Embedded within the 9,266 sqft space, Quince unveils a striking feature—an artistically repurposed tree soaring towards the ceiling. 

This centerpiece, originating from dead trees, is fully customizable, starting from Dh3,000. Abdulla recounts its inception and transformation, symbolizing the family’s penchant for creative rejuvenation.

The restaurant’s interiors narrate a story of meticulous design curation, boasting a captivating blend of paintings, unique lighting fixtures, and bespoke furniture. 

Guests encounter a handcrafted wooden table, a testament to Quince’s commitment to unique design elements available for customization, starting at Dh3,000.

Artistry in Every Detail:

Quince becomes a gallery of the family’s art collection, seamlessly integrated into the restaurant’s palette of green, yellow, and gold. 

Every corner reveals strategically placed décor items that embody the family’s artistic discernment, crafted with love and care.

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