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Quick Action by Ajman Police Recovers Stolen Bag with Dh125,000

Just three hours after it was reported stolen, Ajman Police found a bag carrying Dh125,000.

The Ajman Police swiftly recovered a bag containing Dh125,000 just three hours after it was reported stolen. 

The complainant had inadvertently left the bag in front of his parked car, leading to its theft by an alleged thief.

Forgetfulness Leads to Theft:

The Indian complainant explained that he had parked his car in the basement of his residential building in Rashidiya after returning from work. 

He placed his bag on top of another car while attending to something else and, regrettably, forgot about it. Upon realizing the bag was missing after reaching his apartment, he promptly contacted the police.

Police Investigation and Recovery:

A police team was swiftly assembled to investigate the case. The team identified the suspect and recovered the bag from the thief’s residence within hours. The suspect reportedly confessed to the theft after discovering the bag.

Prompt Resolution:

The complainant expressed his gratitude to the Ajman Police, noting that within three hours of filing his complaint, he received a call informing him that his bag had been recovered.

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