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Qatar Court Reduces Death Sentence for Eight Indians in Espionage Case

According to India's foreign ministry, a Qatar court has overturned the death sentence handed on eight Indian nationals.

India’s foreign ministry revealed that a Qatar court has overturned the death sentence imposed on eight Indian nationals arrested in the country last year.

Verdict Update:

The Court of Appeal in Qatar has revised the sentences, reducing them from death sentences following the Dahra Global case, as India’s foreign ministry acknowledged in a statement.

The eight individuals, former members of the Indian Navy and employees of Dahra Global in Doha, were apprehended in August 2022 under suspicion of espionage. Initially, the Court of First Instance in Qatar handed them the death penalty in October.

Legal Intervention and Diplomatic Efforts:

India took active steps by appealing against the death sentence in Qatar’s Court of Appeal last month. The Indian Ambassador to Qatar, alongside officials and family members, was present during the latest court proceedings.

The statement reassured continued support, mentioning India’s ongoing commitment to providing consular and legal assistance. It emphasized the intent to persistently engage with Qatari authorities on this matter.

Awaited Judgement and Future Steps:

Awaiting a detailed judgment, the ministry remains closely connected with the legal team and affected family members. It refrained from further comment, citing the confidentiality and sensitivity of the case.

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