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Qatar Airways Unveils World’s First AI Cabin Crew, Sama 2.0

Qatar Airways Unveils World’s First AI Cabin Crew, Sama 2.0

Qatar Airways made headlines with the announcement of Sama 2.0, the world’s first AI cabin crew, alongside plans to increase flight frequencies to 15 global destinations in the upcoming year. The airline, known for its extensive network of over 170 destinations from Hamad International Airport in Doha, continues to push boundaries in aviation innovation.

Expanding Horizons

The introduction of Sama 2.0 coincided with the airline’s strategic move to enhance connectivity to key destinations worldwide. Among the highlights is the addition of Hamburg, one of Germany’s premier cities, to its roster of destinations. Moreover, flight frequencies to Berlin will see a significant increase, catering to growing travel demands and reinforcing Qatar Airways’ commitment to seamless global connectivity.

Revolutionizing In-Flight Experience

At the forefront of technological innovation, Qatar Airways showcased Sama 2.0 with a holographic display at the prestigious ITB Berlin 2024. This cutting-edge AI cabin crew is designed to interact with passengers, offering personalized experiences within the airline’s immersive platform, QVerse. By integrating advanced AI technology, Qatar Airways aims to redefine the in-flight experience, setting new standards of service excellence and passenger engagement.

Embracing Innovation

Engr. Badr Mohammed Al-Meer, CEO of Qatar Airways Group, emphasized the airline’s dedication to innovation as a core element of its mission. With the launch of Sama 2.0, Qatar Airways reinforces its commitment to enhancing the digital journey of passengers while meeting the evolving needs of the modern traveler. The strategic expansion of flight frequencies reflects the growing demand for air travel, fostering greater connectivity and facilitating tourism and trade opportunities worldwide.

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