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Qatar Airways Group Launches ‘Our Habitas Ras Abrouq’ Resort on Qatar’s West Coast

Qatar Airways Group Launches 'Our Habitas Ras Abrouq' Resort on Qatar's West Coast

Qatar Airways Group has unveiled its latest venture, the ‘Our Habitas Ras Abrouq’ resort, located on Qatar’s picturesque West Coast. Situated near the Al Reem UNESCO-Designated Biosphere Reserve, the resort promises guests unspoiled views of the Arabian Gulf and stunning sunsets. This collaboration with Our Habitas reflects Qatar Airways’ commitment to offering unique travel experiences and expanding its hospitality offerings.

“Our Habitas Ras Abrouq is a breathtakingly beautiful Qatari desert destination, allowing travelers to experience this unique landscape in a remarkable way,” stated Badr Mohammed Al-Meer, CEO of Qatar Airways Group. This move aligns with Qatar Airways’ vision of creating additional destinations and enhancing its global network.

The resort, nestled on the edge of the UNESCO-protected Al-Reem Biosphere Reserve, offers a blend of modern amenities and natural beauty. It represents the latest addition to Dhiafatina, Qatar Airways Group’s hospitality subsidiary, which manages various domestic and international hotel properties. Notable properties include the Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha, Oryx Hotel at Hamad International Airport, and the recently opened Fuwairit Kite Beach, Tapestry Collection by Hilton.

According to a statement, the resort aims to cater to evolving traveler preferences, emphasizing meaningful connections with nature, culture, and local communities. Oliver Ripley, co-founder and Chief Executive of Our Habitas, highlighted the resort’s role in promoting sustainable tourism and inviting global travelers to immerse themselves in Qatar’s rich culture.

With its strategic location, luxurious amenities, and commitment to sustainability, ‘Our Habitas Ras Abrouq’ is poised to attract discerning travelers seeking authentic experiences in Qatar’s stunning landscape. As Qatar Airways continues to expand its hospitality offerings, the resort represents a significant step towards enhancing the country’s tourism sector and attracting visitors from around the world.

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