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Proshat Sarabloo: Expanding Fashion Horizons in Dubai

DALL·E 2024 01 06 05.03.55 A luxurious fashion boutique in Dubai showcasing Proshat Sarabloos Spring 2024 collection. The interior design is modern and elegant with sleek disp

Proshat Sarabloo, the acclaimed Canadian Iranian fashion designer, is poised to make a significant expansion of her fashion brand in Dubai during the first quarter of 2024. This move marks a new chapter in the journey of a brand that has been captivating the fashion world since its inception.

Rise to Prominence: A Unique Fashion Journey

Sarabloo’s brand, known for its “out of the box” designs, began its journey online in 2016. The brand quickly gained traction among fashion enthusiasts, especially during the pandemic’s surge in online shopping. Her unique approach to fashion design, blending modernity with classic elements, has not only captivated a global audience but also adorned Dubai’s top influencers and celebrities, especially during the recent Christmas holidays.

DALL·E 2024 01 06 05.04.01 A glamorous fashion event in Dubai celebrating the launch of Proshat Sarabloos Spring 2024 collection. The event is set in a luxurious outdoor setti

Expansion in Dubai: A Strategic Move

Sarabloo’s decision to expand in Dubai aligns with the city’s reputation as a burgeoning fashion hub. Her collections, which have already graced Dubai’s concept stores, offer a tactile and immersive shopping experience. Sarabloo’s commitment to showcasing her designs in person through collaborations with these stores underscores her dedication to the brand’s tactile essence.

Goals and Aspirations: Beyond Borders

Looking ahead, Sarabloo aims to broaden her brand’s reach within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. Her focus remains on creating unique, niche market designs that are timeless. This expansion is not just about geographical reach; it is about cementing a brand ethos that empowers women through fashion. Sarabloo’s upcoming Spring 2024 collection is highly anticipated, expected to embody her philosophy of empowering women to embrace their unique style with comfort and confidence.

A Testament to Dubai’s Supportive Environment

Sarabloo attributes the success of her brand to the dedication, uniqueness, and the supportive environment of Dubai. She emphasizes Dubai’s safe and investment-friendly atmosphere, along with its world-class regulations and infrastructure, as key reasons for choosing the city as the center of her brand and business.

DALL·E 2024 01 06 05.04.04 A creative photoshoot in a picturesque location in Dubai featuring a model wearing a dress from Proshat Sarabloos Spring 2024 collection. The dress


The expansion of Proshat Sarabloo’s brand in Dubai is not just a business move; it is a testament to the city’s growing influence in the global fashion scene. Her unique designs, which balance modernity and tradition, reflect the dynamic nature of Dubai’s fashion landscape. As the world awaits her Spring 2024 collection, it is clear that Sarabloo’s brand is set to soar to new heights in the heart of the Middle East’s fashion capital​​​​​​.

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