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Prohibiting Worker Buses from Entering Abu Dhabi Early Morning; Read Why

Local officials have implemented a new traffic regulation that prevents worker transport buses from entering Abu Dhabi Island.

To optimize morning traffic flow and enhance road safety, local authorities have introduced a new traffic regulation prohibiting worker transport buses with a capacity of 50 passengers or more from entering Abu Dhabi Island during the morning rush hour.

This directive, enforced by the Abu Dhabi Police, applies to major entry points into the island, including Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, Musaffah Bridge, and Al Maqta Bridge.

Reducing Potential for Accidents:

The morning rush hour restrictions are implemented to facilitate smoother traffic flow and reduce the potential for accidents caused by large vehicles like worker transport buses.

Local authorities have strongly appealed to bus drivers and owners to strictly adhere to these rules and regulations. 

They stress the importance of refraining from entering the island during the specified hours and remind all relevant parties to diligently follow traffic laws.

Penalties for Violations:

To ensure compliance, authorities have committed to tightening road controls and imposing penalties on buses that violate this order. 

Smart systems will also monitor and identify any buses found in violation, reflecting the city’s commitment to enhancing road traffic management and safety.

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