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Priyanka Chopra Jonas to Narrate Disneynature’s Film ‘Tiger’

Priyanka Chopra Jonas to Narrate Disneynature's Film 'Tiger'

Disney-owned studio Disneynature has tapped actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas to narrate their upcoming film “Tiger,” set to premiere on Earth Day, April 22, exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

The film promises to offer viewers a captivating narrative that unveils the world of one of the planet’s most revered animals, the tiger. Centered around the journey of Ambar, a young tigress raising her cubs in the lush forests of India, “Tiger” immerses audiences in the challenges and triumphs of tiger life.

In a press release, Disney describes the film’s storyline, highlighting the curious and sometimes clumsy behavior of Ambar’s cubs, who have much to learn from their wise and protective mother. Throughout the narrative, Ambar navigates threats from pythons, bears, and male tigers, showcasing her resilience and determination to keep her family safe.

Directed by Mark Linfield, with co-direction from Vanessa Berlowitz and Rob Sullivan, “Tiger” is produced by Linfield, Berlowitz, and Roy Conli. The film’s production team aims to deliver a visually stunning and emotionally resonant experience that educates and entertains audiences about the plight of tigers in the wild.

Chopra Jonas expressed her excitement about being part of the project, emphasizing her love for tigers and her deep connection to her Indian roots. She sees Ambar’s journey as a story that resonates with mothers everywhere, evoking feelings of protection and empathy.

Additionally, “Tiger” will be accompanied by a companion film titled “Tigers On The Rise,” also set to stream on Disney+ Hotstar on Earth Day. Narrated by American actor Blair Underwood, this film celebrates the remarkable resurgence of tiger populations in recent years. As tiger numbers rebound, challenges arise, with big cats venturing beyond forest reserves into farms and villages, creating complex coexistence dynamics between humans and wildlife.

Directed by Rob Sullivan, with co-direction by Alistair Tones, “Tigers On The Rise” sheds light on the efforts of veterinarians, scientists, and community patrols dedicated to ensuring the harmonious coexistence of tigers and people. The film underscores the importance of conservation efforts and collective action in safeguarding the future of these iconic animals.

With Earth Day as its backdrop, the release of “Tiger” and “Tigers On The Rise” serves as a timely reminder of the critical role humans play in preserving our planet’s biodiversity. Through powerful storytelling and stunning visuals, both films inspire audiences to appreciate and protect the natural world.

As audiences eagerly anticipate the premiere of “Tiger,” Chopra Jonas’s involvement adds star power to the project, drawing attention to the urgent conservation issues facing tigers and their habitats. Disney’s collaboration with Disneynature underscores its commitment to environmental storytelling and conservation advocacy through engaging and impactful filmmaking.

Stay tuned for the premiere of “Tiger” and “Tigers On The Rise” on Earth Day, as viewers embark on a journey into the heart of tiger territory, witnessing the resilience and beauty of these majestic creatures.

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