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Princess Abeer Al Saud: Pioneering Female Arab Explorer

Princess Abeer Al Saud: Pioneering Female Arab Explorer

In a realm where daring escapades through some of the planet’s toughest terrains are typically not associated with royalty, Princess Abeer Al Saud of Saudi Arabia stands as a beacon of unconventional adventure. Her latest odyssey led her to the icy realms of Antarctica, where she joined a research expedition in November, braving the extreme conditions to venture into some of the most remote corners of the continent.

Speaking exclusively to The National, Princess Abeer expressed her aspiration to ignite a flame of inspiration among women across the Arab world, urging them to pursue the path of exploration. She believes there is a glaring dearth of representation of explorers from the MENA region and hopes her endeavors will encourage others to follow suit. Princess Abeer emphasizes the importance of showcasing diverse cultures and backgrounds on the global stage, underlining the fact that heroism knows no boundaries.

Selected from a pool of 1,800 applicants, Princess Abeer embarked on the expedition to Antarctica, marking another milestone in her journey of breaking stereotypes and challenging norms. Despite encountering biases along the way, she remains undeterred, advocating for broader representation and acceptance beyond conventional paradigms.

The expedition itself was no ordinary feat, particularly the daunting crossing of the treacherous Drake Passage, deemed one of the most perilous stretches of ocean worldwide. Princess Abeer recounts the wild ride aboard the ship, where camaraderie and resilience prevailed amidst the tempestuous waves.

Beyond the thrill of exploration, Princess Abeer is driven by a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability. With Antarctica losing staggering amounts of glacier ice annually, she stresses the urgent need for collective action to combat climate change. Championing the cause for a more equitable and resilient future, Princess Abeer underscores the disproportionate impact of climate change on marginalized communities, particularly women and children.

Looking ahead, Princess Abeer envisions leveraging her experiences to empower the next generation of Arab leaders and change-makers. Her dream of establishing a university and institute focused on biodiversity and community eco-heritage preservation stands as a testament to her enduring dedication to environmental stewardship and education.

As Princess Abeer gears up for her next expedition to the Ross Sea, the southernmost sea in the world, her journey continues to inspire countless individuals, transcending boundaries and reshaping narratives in the realm of exploration and environmental advocacy.

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