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Prince Harry Declines to Watch The Crown’s New Season; Read Why

Prince Harry is said to have refused to watch the new season of The Crown, which focuses on Princess Diana's terrible death.

Prince Harry is reported to have refused to watch the new season of The Crown, which delves into the tragic death of his mother, Princess Diana, and portrays her as a ghost. 

The final season of the popular series sheds light on Diana’s last days until the fateful car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997.

Depiction of Diana as a Ghost:

Played by Elizabeth Debicki, Diana is depicted in some scenes engaging in conversations with her ex-husband, Prince Charles (Dominic West), and her mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth (Imelda Staunton), as a spectral presence. 

The series also includes a scene where Harry (Fflyn Edwards) is informed of Diana’s death while Prince William (Rufus Kampa) looks on. The show explores the last conversation between the then-12-year-old Harry and Diana.

Citing the sensitive nature of the content in the new episodes, a source informed Page Six that Prince Harry has opted not to watch this season. 

This decision aligns with his previous statements on the profound impact his mother’s death had on him and his mental health. Prince William had also expressed his decision not to watch the show.

No Ill Feelings Towards Creators:

Despite working with Netflix, the platform that released The Crown, Prince Harry reportedly has no ill feelings towards the show’s creators. 

The source emphasized that Harry’s decision not to watch is rooted in the subject matter’s personal sensitivity rather than hatred.

Remaining Episodes and Controversial Scenes:

While the first four episodes of Season 6 have been released, the remaining six are scheduled to stream on December 14. 

The new season portrays Diana amid her alleged romance with film producer Dodi Fayed, including a scene depicting Dodi proposing to Diana on the night of their fatal crash. 

However, royal scribe Sally Bedell Smith has noted discrepancies, stating that there is no indication Dodi proposed, based on Diana’s sentiments before her death.

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