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President Sheikh Mohamed’s international call for peace in Gaza

UAE President says global leaders must cooperate to save civilians in Palestinian war.

UAE President says global leaders must cooperate to save civilians in Palestinian war.


In a notable development, President Sheikh Mohamed participated in a Cairo summit for peace in Gaza, where the global community came together to address the escalating hostilities. 

The President took to the social media platform “X,” formerly known as Twitter, to reaffirm the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) firm stance on the urgent need for a ceasefire, the protection of civilian lives, and the unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid.

The Cairo Peace Summit

At the heart of the article is the Cairo Peace Summit, a crucial diplomatic gathering convened to discuss the ongoing crisis in Gaza. 

During the summit, leaders from various nations gathered to explore pathways to peace in the region.

UAE’s Unwavering Stance

President Sheikh Mohamed emphasized the UAE’s commitment to several key principles at the Cairo summit.

  1. Protection of Civilian Lives: The UAE, like other international partners, staunchly supports the protection of civilian lives. The indiscriminate violence in Gaza has taken a severe toll on the civilian population, and the call for a ceasefire is underpinned by the urgent need to safeguard innocent lives.
  2. Unimpeded Humanitarian Aid: Another fundamental aspect of the UAE’s stance is the demand for unimpeded access for humanitarian aid. As the conflict rages on, it is vital to ensure that essential aid reaches those in need without obstacles.
  3. Immediate End to Hostilities: Perhaps the most pressing call is for an immediate end to hostilities in the Gaza Strip. The continued violence has led to profound suffering, and the international community, represented by leaders like President Sheikh Mohamed, is taking a strong stand for an abrupt cessation of hostilities.


The presence of President Sheikh Mohamed at the Cairo Peace Summit and the UAE’s unwavering commitment to the protection of civilians, humanitarian assistance, and a swift end to hostilities underscores the urgency of the situation in Gaza. 

This international effort aims to bring peace and stability to a region deeply affected by ongoing conflict.

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