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President Sheikh Mohamed’s diplomatic discussions with Bahraini Foreign Minister

The two discuss bilateral countries and developments in the Middle East.

The two discuss bilateral countries and developments in the Middle East.

Diplomatic Engagement in Abu Dhabi

President Sheikh Mohamed engaged in crucial talks with Bahrain’s Foreign Minister, Dr Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, at Qasr Al Bateen in Abu Dhabi. Their discussions primarily revolved around bolstering bilateral relations between the two nations.

Joint Committee Meeting and Bilateral Collaboration

During the meeting, Sheikh Mohamed welcomed the forthcoming 11th meeting of the UAE-Bahrain Joint Committee. This committee, chaired by the respective foreign ministers, stands as a testament to the commitment towards enhancing collaboration and synergy between the UAE and Bahrain.

Regional Developments and Mutual Concerns

The talks between Sheikh Mohamed and Dr Al Zayani also encompassed discussions on prevailing developments in the Middle East. 

They addressed various issues of mutual interest, indicating a shared commitment to navigating regional challenges through dialogue and cooperation.

Simultaneous G20 Engagement for International Action

On the same day, President Sheikh Mohamed participated in a virtual G20 leaders’ summit. His reiterated calls for urgent international action highlighted critical concerns, emphasizing the necessity for a ceasefire, civilian protection in Gaza, and the safe delivery of humanitarian aid.

President Sheikh Mohamed’s diplomatic engagements underscore a proactive approach to bilateral relations and regional stability, reflecting a commitment to fostering dialogue and cooperation amidst pressing global issues.

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