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President Sheikh Mohamed hosts Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni

Cop28 climate change summit was even discussed during the meeting.

Cop28 climate change summit was even discussed during the meeting.

On Monday, President Sheikh Mohamed extended a warm welcome to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni for discussions that encompassed various crucial matters, notably the upcoming Cop28 climate change conference scheduled to be held in the UAE by the end of this month.

Fostering Bilateral Relations: Collaborative Efforts for Progress

A central focus of the talks between the leaders was the exploration of avenues to enhance relations between the UAE and Uganda. 

The discussions delved into collaborative efforts across diverse sectors, emphasizing cooperation in investment, economic development, renewable energy, environmental initiatives, and sustainability practices.

A Platform for Dialogue: Qasr Al Shati as the Diplomatic Setting

The significant diplomatic meeting took place at the prestigious Qasr Al Shati in Abu Dhabi, providing an ideal setting for the leaders to engage in substantive conversations about shared priorities and collaborative ventures.

Shared Aspirations: Uganda’s Commitment to Economic and Investment Cooperation

During the discussions, President Museveni expressed Uganda’s keen interest in expanding economic and investment cooperation with the UAE. This aspiration is driven by the mutual interests and shared goals of the two nations. 

According to the state news agency Wam, President Museveni conveyed his country’s desire to strengthen ties with the UAE across various sectors.

Working Visit: Museveni’s Presence in the UAE

President Yoweri Museveni’s visit to the UAE is characterized as a working visit, highlighting the proactive approach both nations are taking to fortify their relationship. The talks underscore the commitment of both leaders to explore opportunities for collaboration, ensuring a robust and mutually beneficial partnership between Uganda and the UAE.

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