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President Sheikh Mohamed Grants Amnesty to 735 Prisoners Ahead of Ramadan 2024

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In a gesture of compassion and goodwill, President Sheikh Mohamed has issued a directive to release 735 inmates from correctional and penal facilities across the UAE in anticipation of Ramadan 2024. This humanitarian decision reflects the UAE’s commitment to promoting forgiveness and providing individuals with the opportunity for rehabilitation and redemption.

The released prisoners will benefit from the President’s generosity, as he has also pledged to cover all fines and penalties incurred during their incarceration. This act of mercy aims to alleviate the financial burdens faced by the pardoned individuals and facilitate their reintegration into society.

Traditionally, the UAE offers amnesty to prisoners during significant religious festivals and national occasions, embodying the spirit of compassion and forgiveness. Last year, President Sheikh Mohamed granted clemency to 1,025 inmates before Ramadan, underscoring the nation’s enduring commitment to justice and humanity.

The process of identifying eligible candidates for pardon involves collaboration between correctional institutions, prosecutors, and judicial authorities. Proposed pardon lists are meticulously reviewed to ensure that individuals with lesser offenses, demonstrated good conduct, and participated in rehabilitation programs are prioritized for release.

Eligible prisoners must have served a portion of their sentence, exhibited exemplary behavior, and not benefited from previous pardon initiatives. Additionally, they are required to settle any outstanding financial obligations before their release, with charitable organizations providing assistance to those unable to fulfill their debts.

Furthermore, inmates sentenced to deportation upon completing their terms will be repatriated following their pardon, facilitating their return to their home countries. This comprehensive approach to amnesty underscores the UAE’s commitment to upholding the principles of justice, compassion, and rehabilitation within its criminal justice system.

As the nation prepares to observe the holy month of Ramadan, President Sheikh Mohamed’s compassionate gesture serves as a testament to the UAE’s values of mercy, empathy, and inclusivity. By extending forgiveness and support to individuals seeking redemption, the UAE reaffirms its role as a beacon of tolerance and compassion in the global community.

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