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President Sheikh Mohamed and Pakistan’s Prime Minister emphasize peace amid Israel-Hamas war

During discussions in Abu Dhabi, the two leaders reconsidered efforts to ensure a permanent ceasefire.

During discussions in Abu Dhabi, the two leaders reconsidered efforts to ensure a permanent ceasefire.

Urging a Lasting Ceasefire

In a significant meeting in Abu Dhabi, President Sheikh Mohamed and Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar stressed the critical need for a permanent ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict. Their discussions highlighted the urgency of securing peace and ensuring humanitarian aid reaches civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Appeal for International Support

Call for Humanitarian Aid and Global Intervention

The leaders jointly called upon the international community to actively facilitate the delivery of humanitarian support to the affected regions. Additionally, they urged concerted efforts to establish a “just and lasting peace” in the conflict-ridden area, emphasizing the need for collective action and support.

Extension of Truce

Hamas and Qatar Extend Gaza Truce

In a positive development, Hamas and the mediator Qatar announced an extension of the four-day truce in Gaza for an additional two days. This extension follows weeks of intense conflict, offering a hopeful pause in the hostilities for further diplomatic efforts and relief operations.

Discussion on Climate Crisis

Preparation for Cop28 and Climate Solutions

Amidst these crucial talks, President Sheikh Mohamed and PM Kakar also reviewed the upcoming Cop28 climate conference set to commence in Dubai. Recognizing its pivotal role, they discussed strategies and contributions aimed at addressing the pressing climate crisis.

Strengthening Bilateral Ties

Exploration of Enhanced Bilateral Relations

Beyond the immediate issues, the leaders delved into avenues for bolstering the longstanding ties between their nations. Their discussions, part of PM Kakar’s working visit to the Emirates, focused on enhancing cooperation and

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