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Pregnant Los Angeles Model Found Bound and Beaten in Refrigerator

An autopsy performed by the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner revealed shocking details about Maleesa Marie Moone's death.

An autopsy conducted by the LA County Department of Medical Examiner has unveiled horrifying details surrounding the death of Maleesa Marie Mooney, a pregnant Los Angeles model. 

Her lifeless body was discovered inside a refrigerator, with her wrists and ankles bound.

Homicidal Violence Confirmed:

The autopsy’s findings indicate that the cause of Maleesa’s death was “homicidal violence.” This shocking revelation sheds light on the brutality of the crime, raising many questions.

Furthermore, the autopsy uncovered evidence of blunt force trauma on Maleesa’s body, indicating that she endured severe physical abuse before her death.

Substances Detected in Her System:

Toxicology tests revealed the presence of cocaine and alcohol in Maleesa’s system, suggesting potential complicating factors in her tragic demise.

On September 12, Maleesa’s 31-year-old body was discovered inside her downtown Los Angeles apartment. The timeline suggests she had not been seen since September 6. 

Concerned for her well-being, her mother requested a welfare check, leading to the gruesome discovery.

Autopsy Insights:

The medical examiner’s report highlighted the seemingly non-lethal nature of the blunt force injuries on their own. 

However, given the circumstances surrounding Maleesa’s discovery inside a refrigerator with bound wrists and ankles, it strongly suggests she was subjected to a violent physical altercation before her tragic death. 

The role of alcohol and drugs in the incident remains uncertain.

Search for Justice:

Despite the shocking and distressing findings, no arrests have been made in connection with Maleesa’s murder. Her family and authorities continue their quest for justice.

The tragic aspect of this case is that Maleesa was two months pregnant at the time of her death, adding another layer of sorrow and tragedy to the story.

This heartbreaking case continues to raise questions about the circumstances surrounding Maleesa’s murder, leaving her family and the community seeking answers and accountability.

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