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Pradeep Kumar: The Prudent Millionaire Who Keeps Winning

Pradeep Kumar's story is remarkable in that winning two grand prizes in the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket and other lucky drawings has had no effect on his way of life.

Winning a lottery jackpot and becoming an overnight millionaire is a life-changing experience for many. 

However, Pradeep Kumar’s story is unique, as bagging two grand prizes in the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket and other lucky draws hasn’t changed his lifestyle significantly.

A Humble Winner:

In May of this year, Pradeep Kumar won Dh15 million, which he shared with two friends. Despite his newfound wealth, this Abu Dhabi-based Indian expat has maintained a modest and prudent approach to his finances. 

Besides purchasing a car and hosting parties for his friends, Kumar has chosen not to indulge in extravagant spending for the first six months.

Keeping Money in the “ICU”:

Kumar humorously refers to his winning money as “in the ICU.” He is mindful of the pitfalls of excessive spending and prefers to spend wisely according to his needs.

Kumar has a history of lottery luck, having spent 36 years in the UAE and buying tickets for the past 25 years. 

His investments in lottery tickets have paid off handsomely. In 1998, he won the grand prize in the Big Ticket draw and succeeded in Mashreq Bank’s monthly draws.

Retirement Plans:

After dedicating 28 years to a state-owned firm, Kumar intends to spend his retirement days pursuing a passion close to his heart—farming in his native place of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. He believes farming will keep him active and engaged during his retired life.

A Love for Farming:

Kumar’s love for farming has led him to finalize a place in Thiruvananthapuram to immerse himself in this fulfilling activity. 

He plans to return to Kerala early next year and focus on his farming endeavors. Whether his two children continue on the farm in the future is a decision he leaves to them.

Kumar, who attended a gathering of Big Ticket draw winners with his wife, Mini, remains a lottery enthusiast. He hopes to win again and plans to keep buying Big Tickets even after relocating to Kerala.

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