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Potential collaboration: UAE’s role in the Artemis programme

UAE astronauts could be launched on the highly expected Artemis flights.

UAE astronauts could be launched on the highly expected Artemis flights.

NASA and UAE’s Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre Discuss Emirati Astronauts for Moon Missions

Nasa’s Artemis program, aiming to establish a lunar base this decade, has primarily involved American and Canadian astronauts. 

However, talks between Nasa and the UAE’s Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre are underway to potentially approve Emirati astronauts for lunar flights.

NASA Administrator’s Insights

Bill Nelson, the Nasa administrator, confirmed ongoing discussions between the organizations regarding Emirati involvement in the landmark Artemis project. 

While refraining from making definitive statements, Nelson hinted at the possibility during a media event focused on the UAE’s role in this space endeavor.

Artemis Program’s Milestones

Nasa’s Artemis initiative encompasses plans for the Lunar Gateway, a vital orbital station intended to host astronauts before their descent to the Moon’s surface. This station plays a pivotal role in facilitating lunar missions.

UAE’s Contribution and Ambitions

The UAE’s expressed interest in providing an airlock for the Lunar Gateway, as previously reported by The National, signals the country’s proactive involvement. This endeavor aims to streamline accessibility for UAE astronauts to partake in lunar exploration.

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