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Pope Francis urges for an end to the war between Israel and Hamas

On Sunday, Pope Francis urged an end to the Hamas-Israel conflict, warning that it could deepen, and called for more humanitarian aid to be let into Gaza.

Pope Francis urged an end to the Hamas-Israel conflict on Sunday, warning that it could worsen, and called for greater humanitarian aid to be let into Gaza.

Here’s what Pope Francis says:

“War is always a defeat; it destroys human fraternity.” Stop, brothers! Stop!” Francis remarks following his traditional Angelus prayer in Rome’s Saint Peter’s Square.

“I renew my call for spaces to be opened, humanitarian aid to continue to arrive, and hostages to be freed,” the 86-year-old Pope stated.

On October 7, Hamas militants rushed into Israel from Gaza, murdering at least 1,400 people.

As the Hamas-run health ministry says:

According to the Hamas-run health ministry, Israel’s retaliatory bombing campaign has killed over 4,300 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and reduced swaths of densely populated Gaza to smoking ruins.

There is growing concern about a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, where Israel has shut off water, food, and electricity.

Aid reached Gaza:

On Saturday, a trickle of aid reached the besieged Gaza Strip, but UN officials said the 20 trucks allowed to cross were insufficient given the “catastrophic” humanitarian condition for 2.4 million people.

Two US captives were released on Friday, but the jihadists still hold over 200 people hostage.

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