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Pope Francis to Attend COP28 Climate Change Conference in Dubai

Pope Francis has revealed his plans to travel to Dubai in early December to participate in the COP28 conference on climate change. 

His deep concern for environmental issues has been a central theme of his papacy, and this upcoming visit reflects his commitment to addressing this global challenge.

Conference Dates and Duration:

During a recent 45-minute interview on the Italian television network RAI, Pope Francis confirmed his travel dates. 

He will depart on December 1 and stay until the 3rd, attending the three-day conference. However, specific details of his program and any appearances at the conference were not disclosed.

Papal Focus on Environmental Concerns:

Given Pope Francis’s longstanding dedication to raising awareness about the environmental crisis, it is likely that he will address the conference delegates. 

His papacy, which began in 2013, has emphasized the urgency of environmental protection, particularly its impact on marginalized communities.

Pope’s Health and Age:

Pope Francis, who will turn 87 in early December, was asked about his health during the interview. Despite recent setbacks, including abdominal surgery, he humorously quipped about remaining alive. 

He shared information about his past surgeries and mentioned improvement in his chronic knee issues, which require the use of a wheelchair for longer distances.

COP28 Conference and Urgent Climate Action:

The international climate conference in Dubai is scheduled from November 30 to December 12. 

Pope Francis has consistently made environmental care a top priority, highlighted by his 2015 encyclical addressing the devastation of the Earth’s natural resources. 

In recent remarks, he expressed frustration with the insufficient efforts of nations to combat climate change and urged world leaders to commit to binding targets to address the issue urgently.

The Grim Reality of Climate Change:

In his interview, Pope Francis stressed the urgency of taking action, stating, “Courage is needed.” He emphasized that there is still time to make a difference by demonstrating responsibility in caring for the planet. 

He also lamented the devastating impact of climate change on both people and the environment, particularly affecting the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Background on COP Meetings:

The COP28 conference in Dubai is part of a series of meetings addressing climate change and the measures governments are taking to combat it, including limiting greenhouse gas emissions. 

The first Conference of the Parties (COP) was held in 1995 in Berlin, and these gatherings have since taken place in various cities and continents, underlining the global significance of this issue.

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