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Pope Francis Calls for Humanitarian Corridors and Hostage Release in Gaza

On Sunday, Pope Francis requested humanitarian corridors to aid those trapped in Gaza.

Pope Francis on Sunday asked for humanitarian corridors to help those under siege in Gaza, emphasizing the urgent need to protect vulnerable groups such as children, the sick, the elderly, and women.

The Pope also renewed his appeal for the release of hostages held by the militant Islamist group Hamas, highlighting the importance of their safety and freedom.

Protecting Civilians in Conflict:

“I strongly ask that the children, the sick, the elderly, women, and all civilians do not become victims of the conflict,” the Pope stated during his weekly address to the crowds in St. Peter’s Square.

Emphasis on Humanitarian Rights:

The Pope emphasized the need to respect humanitarian rights, particularly in Gaza, where the conflict has taken a toll on the civilian population.

Please note that this article is a representation of the provided text and is not based on any specific real events or statements made by Pope Francis.

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