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Pollution pods offer insight into global air quality crisis at Cop28

Specially prepared pods show air quality levels in Beijing, London, and New Delhi.

Specially prepared pods show air quality levels in Beijing, London, and New Delhi.

Interactive Learning Experience:

Cop28 visitors have the opportunity to delve deeper into the world’s air quality crisis through pollution pods—specially designed enclosures that replicate the polluted air of major cities worldwide. 

Crafted by British artist Michael Pinsky, these pods aim to provide an immersive experience of air pollution levels in cities like Beijing, London, and New Delhi.

Sensory Exploration:

The pollution pods create carefully simulated environments within domes, enabling visitors to safely encounter and sense the air pollution prevalent in these cities. Visitors can experience, through senses like smell, taste, and touch, the distinct air pollution levels characteristic of each city.

Supporting Organizations:

The Clean Air Fund and Breathe Cities are backing this innovative project at Cop28, facilitating an educational exploration of air quality issues. 

Regina Zhyldyzbekova from the Clean Air Fund highlighted that these pods simulate specific air pollution levels, offering a firsthand encounter with the atmospheric conditions experienced by a significant portion of the global population.

Interconnected City Representations:

Ms. Zhyldyzbekova explained that the interlinked domes symbolize three distinct cities, allowing visitors to step inside and experience varying degrees of air pollution. 

This immersive experience aims to shed light on the harsh realities faced by populations in highly polluted cities like New Delhi and Beijing, offering a glimpse into environments many may not otherwise venture into due to extreme pollution levels.

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