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Planning Ahead: UAE Residents Could Enjoy Up to 9 Days Off for Eid Al Fitr

Planning Ahead: UAE Residents Could Enjoy Up to 9 Days Off for Eid Al Fitr

Attention UAE residents! Get ready to mark your calendars for the longest public holiday of the year, coming up in less than a month. In April, residents could potentially relish up to nine consecutive days off to celebrate the Islamic festival of Eid Al Fitr, following the conclusion of the holy month of Ramadan. This extended break, falling within the confines of Ramadan 29 to Shawwal 3, allows both public and private sector employees to enjoy an extended vacation without dipping into their annual leave.

Based on astronomical calculations, the sighting of the crescent Moon in the UAE on March 10 officially ushered in the month of Ramadan, with March 11 marking the first day of fasting. Traditionally, Eid Al Fitr is celebrated on the first day of Shawwal, immediately following Ramadan.

As per the UAE government’s holiday calendar, residents can anticipate a break from Ramadan 29 until Shawwal 3 to observe Eid Al Fitr. Should Ramadan extend for 30 days, Eid falls on April 10, resulting in a nine-day holiday stretch from April 8 to April 12. However, if Ramadan concludes in 29 days, Eid will be on April 9, providing a six-day holiday period from April 8 to April 11.

Here’s a breakdown of the holiday scenarios:

  • Ramadan Lasts 30 Days: Residents enjoy a nine-day break from April 8 (Ramadan 29) to April 12 (Shawwal 3), encompassing the weekend before and after the holiday.
  • Ramadan Lasts 29 Days: A six-day break is observed from April 8 (Ramadan 29) to April 11, inclusive of the preceding weekend.

This Eid holiday follows the New Year break on January 1 and precedes the upcoming holidays for Eid Al Adha in June, Islamic New Year in July, Prophet Muhammad’s birthday in September, and UAE National Day in December.

Gear up for an extended holiday, and make the most of this festive period with family and friends!

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