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Plane Crash: Security Forces Conduct Field Exercise in Fujairah

Authorities have placed security forces and military vehicles outside Fujairah International Airport today as part of a field exercise.

Security forces and military vehicles have been deployed around Fujairah International Airport today as authorities conduct a field exercise simulating a ‘plane crash incident.’

The training session, which started at 10 am and is expected to continue until 2 pm, aims to enhance the capabilities of officers and staff in responding to emergencies and preparing for untoward scenarios.

Simulated Plane Crash Incident:

The field exercise specifically simulates a ‘plane crash incident,’ providing a realistic scenario for security forces to test and improve their response strategies. 

These drills ensure authorities’ readiness to handle emergencies, safeguard public safety, and minimize potential risks in real-life situations.

Advisory from Fujairah Police and Airport Authorities:

Fujairah Police and airport authorities have issued an advisory urging the public to avoid the area around Fujairah International Airport during the training session. 

Additionally, photography during the exercise is strictly prohibited to maintain the integrity and security of the training environment.

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