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“Picasso Days” Celebration at Dubai’s Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

To mark the legendary artist Pablo Picasso's birthday, Dubai's Mohammed Bin Rashid Library has organised a week-long event called "Picasso Days."

To commemorate the birthday of the iconic artist Pablo Picasso, Dubai’s Mohammed Bin Rashid Library has launched a week-long event titled “Picasso Days.”

The event was inaugurated by Mohammed Ahmed Al Murr, Chairman of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Library Foundation, and it features an array of activities that celebrate the artistic legacy of Picasso.

Part of the ‘Library Days’ Program:

“Picasso Days” is an integral part of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library’s ongoing celebration of eminent writers, scholars, and artists, conducted through its monthly ‘Library Days’ program.

The event presents over 50 works of art by visual artists who drew inspiration from Picasso’s school of abstract art, shedding light on the impact of the legendary artist’s creativity.

Engaging Public and Artists:

The first day of the event witnessed widespread participation and significant engagement from the public and artists alike. 

A lecture titled “Psychological Dimensions in Picasso’s Paintings” was conducted at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library Theatre, delving into Picasso’s life and analyzing his iconic work, Guernica. 

Additionally, discussions on different artistic phases in Picasso’s life, such as the Blue and Pink periods and the significance of lines in his paintings, were held.

Artistic Skill Enhancement:

An abstract art workshop titled “Faces From the World of Picasso” was offered to enhance the artistic skills of participants. 

It provided an opportunity to explore the world of abstract art, delve into its various styles and techniques, and gain hands-on experience.

Commendations for the Library’s Efforts:

Attendees on the first day praised the event and recognized the extensive efforts of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library. 

The library’s commitment to supporting art and artists, emphasizing the profound influence of art on society, and introducing new generations to the legacies of creative individuals and their contributions to civilization garnered acclaim.

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