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Philippine Airlines Offers Extra Baggage Allowance on Dubai-Manila Flights for Ramadan

Philippine Airlines Offers Extra Baggage Allowance on Dubai-Manila Flights for Ramadan

In an effort to cater to the needs of travellers during the sacred month of Ramadan, Philippine Airlines (PAL) has unveiled a special promotion for passengers flying from Dubai to Manila. The promotion, effective from March 12 to April 3, 2024, aims to provide additional baggage allowance, thereby enhancing convenience and flexibility for passengers embarking on their journeys.

Under this limited-time offer, passengers booking their flights during the specified period will benefit from an extra baggage allowance. Typically, PAL passengers are entitled to check in two pieces of luggage, each weighing up to 23kg. However, with this promotion, travellers will enjoy the privilege of carrying a third piece of luggage, also weighing up to 23kg. Consequently, passengers can avail a total baggage allowance of 69kg for their journey.

This initiative comes as a welcome relief for travellers, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan, when many individuals travel to be with their families and loved ones. By offering an increased baggage allowance, PAL aims to alleviate the stress and inconvenience often associated with travelling, allowing passengers to pack more items and essentials for their trip.

To take advantage of this promotional offer, travellers can easily book their flights directly through PAL’s website. However, in the event that the promotion does not appear on the website, passengers are encouraged to contact PAL’s Dubai office at 04 3166632 for further assistance and guidance.

While the promotion offers added convenience to travellers, it’s essential to note that certain terms, conditions, and blackout dates may apply, as specified by the airline. Therefore, passengers are advised to carefully review the terms of the offer before finalizing their bookings to Manila.

This announcement comes as PAL continues its commitment to providing exceptional service and offerings to its passengers. By introducing promotions such as the extra baggage allowance for Dubai-Manila flights during Ramadan, PAL demonstrates its dedication to meeting the evolving needs and preferences of its customers.

In addition to enhancing the travel experience for passengers, PAL’s initiative also aligns with its broader goal of fostering positive customer relationships and loyalty. By providing valuable benefits and incentives, PAL seeks to strengthen its position as a preferred airline among travellers flying to and from Dubai and Manila.

As travellers prepare for their journeys during Ramadan, PAL’s special promotion serves as a timely and valuable opportunity for passengers to enjoy increased flexibility and convenience. With the extra baggage allowance, travellers can pack their belongings with ease, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free travel experience.

In conclusion, Philippine Airlines’ promotion offering extra baggage allowance on Dubai-Manila flights during Ramadan underscores the airline’s commitment to prioritizing customer satisfaction and enhancing the overall travel experience. With this initiative, PAL continues to uphold its reputation as a reliable and customer-centric airline, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of its passengers.

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