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Pet Healthcare on a Budget: UAE Pet Owners Opt for Human Medications Amid Rising Vet Costs

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UAE Pet Owners Seek Alternatives to High Veterinary Bills

In an effort to manage soaring veterinary expenses, many pet owners in the UAE are turning to a less conventional approach: using human medications for their pets. This trend highlights the challenges of affording pet healthcare and the need for more cost-effective solutions.

The Shift to Human Medications

Faced with high veterinary costs, some pet owners in the UAE are opting for human drugs as a cheaper alternative for treating their animals. This practice has raised concerns among veterinarians about the safety and efficacy of such medications for pets.

Understanding the Risks

While some human medications can be safe for pets under veterinary guidance, self-prescribing these drugs can pose significant risks. Pets have different metabolisms and what is safe for humans can be harmful, or even lethal, for animals. Experts warn against the use of human drugs without proper veterinary consultation.

The Rising Cost of Veterinary Care

The inclination towards human medications is largely driven by the rising costs of veterinary services in the UAE. Pet owners are finding it increasingly difficult to afford regular check-ups, treatments, and emergency care for their pets, leading them to seek more affordable alternatives.

Veterinary Community’s Response

The veterinary community in the UAE is urging pet owners to consult professionals before administering any medication. They are also advocating for more accessible pet healthcare options, including insurance schemes and subsidized veterinary services, to help alleviate the financial burden on pet owners.


The trend of using human medications for pets underscores a larger issue of accessibility and affordability of pet healthcare in the UAE. It’s a call to action for more sustainable and safe healthcare solutions for pets, ensuring their well-being without imposing undue financial strain on their owners.

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