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Passport Shortage in Pakistan Hinders Travel Plans for Citizens

A lack of lamination paper imported from France has made it difficult for Pakistanis to obtain new passports.

A shortage of lamination paper imported from France has resulted in difficulties for Pakistani citizens trying to obtain new passports, according to Pakistan’s Directorate General of Immigration & Passports (DGI&P). 

Thousands of Pakistanis, including students with impending university admissions abroad, are affected by the ongoing crisis.

Government’s Response and Impacted Citizens:

Qadir Yar Tiwana, the Director General for Media of the Ministry of Interior, assured that the government is addressing the situation. 

He expressed confidence that the passport issuance process will soon return to normal. 

Many affected citizens, including those with travel and academic plans, have criticized the government’s inefficiency in handling the passport shortage.

Ongoing Passport Delays and Lack of Transparency:

Frustrated applicants have reported prolonged passport delays, and some believe they have been given false information about the status of their passport applications. 

The scarcity of lamination paper has significantly reduced the processing capacity of passport offices, leading to substantial backlogs.

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