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Partial Road Closure Announced in Abu Dhabi from Saturday

Partial Road Closure Announced in Abu Dhabi from Saturday

The Integrated Transport Centre in Abu Dhabi has notified motorists about a partial closure affecting a significant road in Abu Dhabi starting from Saturday.

According to the authorities, a partial road closure will be implemented on Al Turoush Street from 12:00 AM on Saturday, March 23, until 5:00 AM on Monday, March 25. The closure will specifically affect the left lane towards Al Shawamekh.

Additionally, Zayed The First Street in Al Ain will also undergo a partial closure, scheduled from Friday, March 22, to Saturday, April 13. This closure will affect the right lane.

The announcement was made to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and to carry out necessary maintenance or construction works on the specified roads. However, authorities have advised motorists to exercise caution and adhere strictly to traffic rules and regulations during this period.

Enhancing Traffic Safety in Abu Dhabi

The decision to implement partial road closures comes as part of the ongoing efforts by the Integrated Transport Centre in Abu Dhabi to enhance traffic safety and ensure the efficient management of road networks across the emirate.

Stay Informed and Drive Safely

Motorists in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain are encouraged to stay informed about the partial road closures and plan their routes accordingly to avoid any inconvenience. It is essential to drive cautiously, follow traffic signs, and comply with the instructions of traffic authorities during the closure period.


Partial road closures are a common occurrence in urban areas as authorities work to maintain and upgrade road infrastructure. By staying informed and driving responsibly, motorists can contribute to the overall safety and efficiency of road networks in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

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