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“Paria Ghorashi: Empowering Entrepreneurs and Elevating Brands to Success”

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Introducing Paria Ghorashi—an entrepreneur, advisor, and startup mentor driven by a fervor for amplifying brands through strategic marketing to optimize their impact. Her story exemplifies resilience, embraces diversity, and champions empowerment. Originating from the Middle East and cultivated in Scandinavia, Paria’s upbringing instilled in her the conviction that success recognizes no limitations. Confronting the challenge of assimilating into societies unfamiliar with diversity and addressing gender inequalities, Paria’s journey has been characterized by unwavering determination and hard work.

Engaged in Retail Buying and Management, Paria gained exposure to diverse sectors, refining her skills and expanding her horizons. Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit, she founded a homegrown startups that became a global success like Blowout&go and bgX, seamlessly merging her passion for beauty and technology with a global mission to empower women. However, the entrepreneurial path wasn’t devoid of challenges. Paria faced the solitude of the journey, notably as a woman in male-dominated industries. Instead of being discouraged, she transformed these hurdles into opportunities to instigate positive change.

Paria’s entrepreneurial spirit is nothing short of transformative. She perceives success as a dynamic journey, fearlessly confronting challenges, embracing diverse perspectives, and uncovering imaginative solutions. Through her ventures and influential platform, Paria is not just rewriting narratives; she’s forging a path toward a more radiant and inclusive future. What ignites Paria’s passion in her profession is the tangible change it brings. Positioned at the crossroads of beauty, technology, and community building, she thrives on empowering entrepreneurs, sharing knowledge, and contributing to the creation of a more inclusive world.

Paria envisions expanding the reach of MADE FOR YOU Global, enhancing technological capabilities, and pushing the boundaries of innovation. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to passionately embrace innovation, leverage technology for positive impact, and recognize that empowering others is the cornerstone of sustained success. This mindset led to creation of MADE FOR YOU GLOBAL a tech platform created to connect, elevate and enable global female entrepreneurs and leaders to reach their potential. In conclusion, Paria Ghorashi is not merely an entrepreneur; she stands as a visionary leader, passionately empowering.

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