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Pameela’s Journey: From Struggle to Triumph in the UAE

Pameela Vembolamala arrived in the UAE in 2010 to support her family, whose financial position was severe back home in India.

Pameela Vembolamala Krishnan’s story embodies resilience and triumph in adversity. At 51, she arrived in the UAE in 2010, driven by the necessity to support her family, whose financial situation was dire back in India. 

Her husband, earning a meager Dh20 daily as a laborer, faced challenges affording necessities, especially with their children on the brink of entering college.

A Bold Decision and a New Beginning:

Driven by practicality and necessity, Pameela made the difficult yet pragmatic decision to move to the UAE, a hub for millions of migrant workers. 

She found employment as a cleaner at the Canadian Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi, marking the start of her remarkable journey.

Pameela’s unwavering dedication to her work for 13 years culminated in a significant accolade. She was honored as one of the exceptional workforce members at the inaugural Emirates Labour Market Award. 

Standing among government officials, industry leaders, and fellow workers, she proudly received recognition for her commitment and contribution.

A Proud Moment and Validation of Sacrifices:

Amidst the celebration, clad in a simple printed dress, Pameela held a blue and white trophy, symbolizing years of relentless hard work and sacrifices. 

Expressing her joy through an interpreter, she reflected on the validation of her efforts and the significance of the day’s celebration.

Pameela’s journey was not devoid of challenges. Adapting to a foreign land with a language barrier, she persevered. 

However, the most profound blow struck in 2017 when her husband passed away, thrusting her into the role of sole breadwinner for her family.

Steadfast Resolve and Community Support:

Devastated by the loss, Pameela remained resolute in securing a brighter future for her family. 

The strong Malayalam community in the UAE became her support system, offering solace and camaraderie amidst adversity.

Despite the hurdles, Pameela’s hard work enabled her children to attain higher education—her daughter, Gayatri, holds a master’s in economics, while her son, Vishnu, is an accountant. Both are married and have started families of their own.

A Testament to Strength and Resilience:

Pameela’s narrative encapsulates the strength, resilience, and determination of countless individuals striving to create a better life despite daunting circumstances, illustrating the unwavering spirit of perseverance in pursuit of a brighter future.

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