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Pameela Krishnan: A Journey of Triumph from Uncertainty to Excellence

Pameela Krishnan just accomplished an astounding feat by winning the Emirates Labour Market Award.

Pameela Krishnan, a 51-year-old from Kerala, recently achieved an extraordinary feat by securing the top spot in the Emirates Labour Market Award’s Distinguished Workforce – Other Professional Levels category. Her journey, marked by dedication and resilience, reflects the pinnacle of excellence in Abu Dhabi.

A Moment of Shock and Joy:

Still, in disbelief, Pameela recalls the surreal moment of receiving her award in the presence of distinguished guests and government officials. 

The trophy and certificate she received and a token cheque of Dh100,000 mark a significant achievement in her career.

Dedication and Confidence:

Pameela’s colleagues commend her dedication and hard work at the Canadian Medical Centre (CMC), where she has been employed for 13 years. 

Colleagues note her unwavering commitment, describing the award ceremony as akin to winning an Oscar. Despite the financial windfall, Pameela remains steadfast in her commitment to her job.

Financial Responsibilities and Relief:

Pameela, a sole breadwinner after her husband’s passing seven years ago, highlights her financial responsibilities, including loans for constructing a house and financing her children’s weddings. 

The Dh100,000 award brings relief, as it will help settle these financial burdens and allow Pameela to start saving from her salary.

Gratitude and Commitment:

Expressing gratitude to her employer and the UAE, Pameela sees the country as her second home. She thanks her boss, Mubarak Bin Falah, CEO of CMC Group, for the opportunity to serve. 

Despite her newfound recognition, Pameela remains committed to her work and does not intend to quit.

Pameela’s journey began 13 years ago when financial difficulties compelled her to seek opportunities in the UAE. Starting as an Ayurvedic massage center helper, she transformed her life through hard work. 

As the sole breadwinner, she ensured her children’s education and successfully built a house in Kerala.

Family and Future:

Pameela’s son, Vishnu Prasad, works as an accountant, while her daughter, Gayatri Rajesh, has completed her post-graduation and is happily married. 

Pameela’s resilience and triumph over challenges showcase her as an inspiration, embodying the spirit of excellence in the Abu Dhabi workforce.

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