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Pamala Serena: Showcasing UAE’s Pearling Heritage on the Global Stage

Pamala Serena: Showcasing UAE’s Pearling Heritage on the Global Stage

From Mrs. UAE World to Global Ambassador

Pamala Serena, a name synonymous with grace and cultural pride, is set to highlight the UAE’s rich pearling traditions on the global stage. Representing the UAE at the Mrs. World pageant, Pamala’s journey is a blend of personal achievement and a deep-rooted love for her adopted country.

Winning the Crowns

In 2022, Pamala Serena Rull won both Mrs. UAE World and Mrs. Universe Dubai titles, showcasing her elegance, intelligence, and dedication to representing her community. These titles are not just accolades but platforms for her to advocate for causes close to her heart.

Plans for 2024

Pamala is determined to make a difference in 2024. She plans to continue her work in women empowerment, mental health awareness, and supporting charitable causes. “I want women to understand that no matter what issues they face, there is always hope and faith at the end of the tunnel,” she says. She aims to launch new business ventures that align with her mission of empowerment and personal growth.

Advocating Inner Beauty and Strength

Pamala believes in promoting inner beauty and confidence. She encourages women to recognize their unique talents and pursue their dreams. “Every goal is an achievement to be proud of,” she emphasizes. Her message resonates with many, inspiring women to overcome obstacles and achieve their aspirations.

Representing UAE on the Global Stage

Pamala’s participation in international pageants goes beyond personal success. She uses these platforms to highlight the UAE’s rich cultural heritage, especially its historic pearling industry. “The UAE’s history of pearl diving is a story of resilience and ingenuity,” she says. Her national costume, inspired by this heritage, symbolizes the country’s journey from a pearl-diving hub to a modern metropolis.

Community and Charity Work

In addition to her pageant achievements, Pamala is deeply involved in charitable activities. She has joined several children’s charity funds, including Liter of Light, Earth Angels NGO, Al Noor Foundation, and SNF Special Needs Foundation. Her role as an Ambassador for Peace for the UN for three years running and her involvement with the First Ladies Forum Economic Development Summit Dubai showcase her commitment to social causes.

Awards and Recognition

Pamala’s dedication has earned her numerous accolades, including the Global WOMANS Award for “The Successful Public Figure” 2022, the Strong Woman’s Award 2022, and the BeingShe Award for Best Woman of Influence 2022. She has also been honored as an Ambassador for Peace by the official UN and is actively involved with the Mrs. Universe Women’s Empowerment Forum under the high patronage of the Emirates Business Woman Council.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Pamala plans to expand her efforts in mental health advocacy. She envisions creating a holistic clinic and rejuvenation center where women can receive support for anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. “I want to create a place where any woman can seek help and feel comfortable to speak openly,” she explains.

A Role Model for Many

Pamala’s journey from a British-Indian background to a celebrated beauty queen in the UAE is inspiring. Her success demonstrates the power of determination and the importance of having a supportive community. She continues to mentor and guide aspiring beauty queens, sharing her experiences and encouraging them to pursue their dreams.


Pamala Serena Rull’s year of triumphs and her plans for the future reflect her unwavering commitment to empowerment and cultural pride. As she continues to represent the UAE on global stages, her work and dedication serve as an inspiration to many. Pamala’s story is a powerful reminder that with inner strength, determination, and support, one can achieve remarkable success.

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