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Pakistani Actor Mahira Khan Ties the Knot with Salim Karim

Mahira Khan, known for her appearances in films such as Raees, has begun a new chapter in her life by marrying her partner Salim Karim.

Renowned Pakistani actor Mahira Khan, known for her notable roles in films like “Raees” and the TV series “Humsafar,” has embarked on a new journey as she tied the knot with her partner Salim Karim. 

The joyous occasion was celebrated in a picturesque setting in Murree, Pakistan, and captured in numerous photographs and videos that have surfaced online.

A Graceful Walk Down the Aisle: 

Mahira Khan’s manager, Anushay Talha Khan, shared a poignant video on Instagram, capturing the actor’s elegant walk down the aisle toward Salim. 

The touching clip also showcased an emotional moment as the groom, Salim, wiped away tears of joy. 

The couple’s genuine emotions were fully displayed as they approached each other, culminating in a warm embrace.

Mahira’s Pastel Lehenga and Salim’s Sherwani:

For this momentous occasion, Mahira Khan adorned herself in a gentle pastel lehenga, enhanced by an exquisite veil and complemented by matching diamond jewelry. 

Salim Karim, on the other hand, donned a dignified black sherwani accented with a blue turban.

Murree Sets the Perfect Backdrop:

The couple’s wedding ceremony unfolded amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Murree, Pakistan. The outdoor setting provided a picturesque and serene ambiance for the joyous occasion.

Mahira Khan’s wedding to Salim Karim marks a significant milestone in the life of the acclaimed Pakistani actor. 

The celebration, set against the stunning backdrop of Murree, was filled with emotional moments and genuine expressions of love. 

As photographs and videos from the wedding continue circulating online, fans and well-wishers celebrate the joyous union of Mahira Khan and Salim Karim.

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