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Pakistan Reduces Petrol and Diesel Prices in Response to Global Trends

According to a recent declaration from Pakistan's finance minister, the country is lowering the price of fuel and diesel.

A recent announcement from Pakistan’s finance ministry revealed that the country is reducing the costs of petrol and diesel due to the declining trend of petroleum prices in the international market. 

This move aims to provide relief to consumers and is scheduled to take effect on October 16.

Petrol Prices Decreased by 40 Pakistani Rupees:

The petrol price will drop substantially, decreasing by 40 Pakistani rupees ($0.144). After this reduction, the new petrol price will be 283.38 rupees per liter. 

This decrease in petrol prices will come as welcome news to consumers, offering some respite from rising living costs.

Diesel Costs Reduced by 15 Rupees:

High-speed diesel, often used in various sectors, including transportation and industrial operations, will also become more affordable. 

The cost of high-speed diesel is set to decrease by 15 rupees per liter. As a result, consumers can expect to pay 303.18 rupees per liter for high-speed diesel.

This move by the Pakistani government showcases its commitment to adjusting fuel prices to align with global market trends, ultimately benefiting the general public. 

The reduction in petrol and diesel prices is expected to positively impact the cost of living and various industries dependent on these fuels.

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