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Over 50% of worldwide institutional jobs expected to be automated

UAE's Ministry of Education unites with Coursera, which seeks to bridge the nation's digital skill gap.

UAE’s Ministry of Education unites with Coursera, which seeks to bridge the nation’s digital skill gap.

An expert in the field has made a striking prediction, stating that more than 50% of jobs in educational institutions worldwide, including those in the UAE, are on the brink of automation. 

This transformation is attributed to the emergence of artificial intelligence with generative capabilities, set to revolutionize the education sector.

Traditional AI vs. GPT-4 in Education

While traditional AI applications in education and workforce training automated approximately 15% of job tasks, the game-changing introduction of GPT-4 has significantly raised the bar. 

This powerful AI model is poised to automate more than half of the tasks performed by educators, reshaping the landscape of education across various sectors.

A Revolution in Education

According to Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera, this advancement in AI has far-reaching implications for the entire realm of education. 

It’s not limited to higher education alone but extends its influence to vocational education and the K-12 sector as well. The profound impact of automation and AI will usher in a new era in education, affecting educators and institutions worldwide.

In essence, the advent of AI with generative capabilities, exemplified by GPT-4, is set to disrupt the traditional roles and tasks within the education sector, automating over half of educator job tasks and triggering a transformative shift across all levels of education.

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