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Orkla India Expands Presence with Launch of Dubai Subsidiary

Orkla India, a leading player in the Indian culinary industry, has announced its foray into the Middle East market with the establishment of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Orkla India — Middle East and Africa (Orkla IMEA), headquartered in Dubai. This strategic move reflects Orkla India’s commitment to catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of consumers in the region.

The launch of Orkla IMEA marks a significant milestone for Orkla India, aligning with its recent reorganization into three distinct business units: Eastern, MTR, and International Business. Leveraging its rich heritage and brand recognition, particularly with the renowned MTR and Eastern brands, Orkla IMEA aims to deliver authentic Indian culinary experiences to consumers across the Middle East and Africa.

With a robust growth rate of 15% in the Middle East region, Orkla India has demonstrated remarkable performance, with the Middle East segment accounting for 70% of its total international business. Building on this success, Orkla IMEA seeks to capitalize on its extensive retail network spanning over 20,000 stores to further accelerate growth and market penetration.

Ashvin Subramanyam, CEO of International Business at Orkla India, expressed enthusiasm for the expansion into the Middle East market, emphasizing the company’s commitment to bringing Indian culinary excellence to discerning consumers in the region. He highlighted the recent success of Eastern’s Arabic spice range, which has experienced a tenfold growth in the past three years, signaling strong consumer demand for high-quality Indian-inspired products.

Among Orkla IMEA’s top-selling products are spices and masalas, followed closely by breakfast offerings, beverages, and Indian sweets. The company has also witnessed significant traction with its Eastern Arabic spice range, reflecting its ability to cater to the diverse tastes of local consumers. Orkla IMEA’s focus on understanding and adapting to local preferences underscores its commitment to delivering tailored culinary solutions that resonate with the Middle Eastern palate.

Beyond driving business growth, Orkla IMEA is dedicated to contributing positively to the economies of the Middle East and Africa region. By creating employment opportunities, fostering local sourcing networks, and supporting economic development initiatives, Orkla IMEA aims to become a responsible corporate citizen while serving the needs of its consumers.

The establishment of Orkla IMEA represents a strategic move by Orkla India to strengthen its foothold in the Middle East market and capitalize on the growing demand for authentic Indian culinary products. With its portfolio of trusted brands and commitment to quality and innovation, Orkla IMEA is poised to make a significant impact on the culinary landscape of the region.

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