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Ongoing Rescue Operation for 40 Trapped Workers in Northern India

On Saturday, forty workmen were trapped in a collapsed road tunnel in northern India for the seventh day in a row.

Forty workers remained trapped in a collapsed road tunnel in northern India for the seventh consecutive day on Saturday, awaiting rescue as authorities faced challenges in reaching them due to damaged machinery.

Rescue efforts were hampered when machine bearings were damaged during drilling, prompting a pause in operations. A new drilling machine was anticipated, offering hope for continued efforts.

Slow Progress and Familial Frustration:

Despite drilling progress covering 24 meters (79 feet), the anticipated 60 meters (197 feet) required for escape posed a considerable challenge. 

Frustrated by changing rescue timelines, families anxiously awaited updates near the tunnel.

Workers experienced physical discomfort, yet their conditions remained stable. 

Supplies of food and medicine were being sent through a pipe every two hours, with medical personnel monitoring their health closely.

Support and Expert Assistance:

Officials maintained contact with trapped workers for both physical and mental support. State authorities sought expertise from Thailand (related to the 2018 cave rescue) and approached the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute for potential assistance.

The tunnel collapse occurred in Uttarakhand, a region frequented by pilgrims and tourists, part of the Chardham all-weather road project. 

Around 200 personnel and advanced drilling equipment were deployed in the rescue operation, aiming to clear debris using steel pipes.

International Collaboration for Rescue:

Efforts included the replacement of machinery and seeking advice from experts who aided in a notable cave rescue in Thailand, indicating the magnitude of the rescue operation and the collaborative approach being taken.

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