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Off-Roading Adventures in UAE: A Thrilling but Risky Pursuit

Many residents looking for excitement enjoy off-roading in the UAE's vast and picturesque deserts.

Off-roading in the UAE’s expansive and breathtaking deserts is a favorite pastime for many residents seeking adventure. 

However, recent incidents and rising off-road accidents have authorities and experts raising safety concerns.

Challenges and Risks:

  1. Closed Areas: The decision by Sharjah Police to close the Al Faya Dunes area after a tragic off-roading incident highlights the dangers and risks associated with this activity.
  2. Increased Accidents: Authorities have noted a surge in reported off-roading accidents, signaling the need for caution and proper preparation.
  3. Open Desert Access: While many desert areas are accessible for off-roading and camping, these activities require specific skills and awareness to avoid mishaps.

Expert Insights:

  1. Faateh Ahmed (COO, Dubai Offroaders Desert Driving Institute): Highlights the need for specialized off-roading skills, emphasizing the risk to life if not treated with respect.
  2. Misconceptions: New offroaders often underestimate the challenges, mistakenly believing their skills are sufficient, leading to dangerous situations.
  3. Learning Experience: Experienced offroaders like Nic Poltronieri emphasize that off-roading is an extreme sport requiring continual learning and preparation.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Safety First: Off-roading is thrilling but requires skill and respect for the environment. Safety measures are crucial to prevent accidents.
  2. Continuous Learning: Even experienced offroaders recognize the need for ongoing education and improvement in off-road driving skills.
  3. Guidance and Training: Proper training and guidance from experts or institutions specialized in desert driving can significantly reduce risks and enhance safety for all offroaders.

As the UAE’s cooler season draws residents to the desert, the importance of responsible off-roading practices and continual learning cannot be overstated to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all enthusiasts.

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