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Off-Road Safety Urged in UAE Following Tragic Incident

When exploring different terrains, UAE off-road marshals highly warn residents to exercise caution and follow security requirements.

In response to a recent off-roading tragedy in the Al Faya desert, the UAE off-road marshals strongly advise residents to exercise caution and adhere to security rules when exploring varied terrains. 

The Sharjah Police’s decision to officially close the Al Faya dunes area underscores the need to prioritize community safety.

Tragic Incident Prompts Warning Against Illegal Off-Roading:

The closure follows a fatal accident on November 17, where an Asian youth lost his life in an off-roading mishap, resulting in another individual sustaining injuries. 

Veteran off-roaders emphasize that engaging in illegal off-roading activities poses a significant risk to motorists and their companions.

Off-road enthusiasts are advised to know exit points well, given the weak signals in remote areas. Key recommendations include ensuring vehicles are serviced and well-equipped, carrying recovery equipment, and having adequate knowledge. 

Going with a buddy or in a group of at least three vehicles is strongly encouraged, along with carrying safety flags, sufficient food, and water.

Expert Advice on Desert Driving:

Belgian national Frederic Nuyttens, a marshal with Carnity Off-Road Club, emphasizes the importance of joining off-road clubs for a safer exploration experience. 

He suggests using at least three vehicles, deflating tires before venturing into the sand, and obtaining proper desert driving training. 

Nuyttens underscores the need to respect the terrain, avoid overcrowded areas, and deflate ego by not overrating one’s skillset.

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