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OceanX vessel anchors in Dubai to unravel marine mysteries

OceanX study vessel will be used to analyze local underwater ecosystems.

OceanX study vessel will be used to analyze local underwater ecosystems.

Exploring Uncharted Waters from Dubai Harbour

The renowned OceanX exploration vessel, synonymous with unearthing the mysteries of uncharted oceans, has made Dubai Harbour its temporary home until the year’s end.

Mission Amid COP28: Unveiling Regional Marine Ecosystems

In conjunction with the COP28 climate change conference, the 87-meter vessel has docked in the emirate to embark on its latest expedition. 

This mission aims to unravel the enigmatic underwater ecosystems of the region, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of climate change’s global impact.

Cutting-edge Exploration and Research

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including Triton deep-sea submersibles and remotely operated vehicles capable of delving depths of up to 6,000 meters, the vessel is set to explore local deep-sea coral reefs, study specialized microbes, and observe elusive marine mammals.

Advanced Science and Media Production Hub

The vessel, accommodating up to 72 individuals, serves as an advanced research and science laboratory. 

It also doubles as a high-tech media production studio, engaging in a National Geographic series produced by OceanX and BBC Studios Natural History Unit. 

The series, backed by the executive production prowess of James Cameron, renowned for Titanic, aims to showcase oceanic marvels to a global audience.

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