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North Dakota State Senator and Family Killed in Utah Plane Crash

North Dakota State Senator Doug Larsen, his wife Amy, and their two young children were killed in a plane crash in Utah.

In a heartbreaking tragedy, North Dakota State Senator Doug Larsen, his wife Amy, and their two young children died in a plane crash in Utah. 

The crash occurred on Sunday evening shortly after the plane took off from Canyonlands Airfield, located approximately 15 miles north of Moab, Utah.

Confirmation of the Tragic Loss:

The confirmation of Doug Larsen’s death was conveyed in an email sent by Republican Senate Majority Leader David Hogue to fellow senators. 

The email, obtained by The Associated Press, expressed deep sorrow at the tragic loss.

The single-engine Piper plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Canyonlands Airfield. All four people on board, including Senator Larsen, his wife, and their two young children, tragically lost their lives in the crash. The incident is under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

An investigation by NTSB:

The NTSB has dispatched an investigator to the crash site to document the scene, examine the aircraft, request air traffic communications, radar data, weather reports, and contact witnesses. 

The investigator will also request maintenance records of the aircraft, medical records, and the pilot’s flight history. The cause of the crash is yet to be determined.

Unknown Pilot at the Time of Crash:

It remains unclear who was piloting the plane at the time of the crash. FAA information online states that the aircraft crashed “under unknown circumstances after takeoff.”

Senator Doug Larsen’s tragic passing has led to an outpouring of condolences and tributes. 

In his email to fellow senators, Hogue asked for prayers for the bereaved family, including the grandparents and surviving stepchild of Senator Larsen. 

He urged everyone to keep their families close after such a devastating tragedy.

Senator Doug Larsen’s Background:

Senator Doug Larsen was a Republican first elected to the North Dakota Senate in 2020. He represented a district that included Mandan, a city neighboring Bismarck. 

In addition to his legislative role, Larsen was a lieutenant colonel in the North Dakota National Guard, a business owner, and the chair of a Senate panel that handled industry and business legislation.

Appointment of Successor:

District Republicans will appoint a successor to fill out the remainder of Larsen’s term, which extends through November 2024. 

His Senate seat was on the ballot in the upcoming year. It’s important to note that Republicans hold supermajorities in the House and Senate of North Dakota’s Legislature.

Moab, where the tragic crash occurred, is a tourist-centered community near Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. This devastating incident undoubtedly shakes the close-knit community.

This tragic mishap is a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the deep impact such events have on families and communities.

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