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Normando Macalinao- paves the way from a waiter to a celebrity magician!

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Normando Macalinao is a person from a small, beautiful town in the Philippines called “Aliaga”. Despite being from a family with a political and business background, he decided to do something different in life. After completing his degree in hotel management and went to Dubai in search of bigger opportunities.

Normando started with the job of a waiter and entertaining guests with his skills of magic in Dubai. This is when his skills turned the tables for him. He was offered an opportunity to become a celebrity magician. His skills and dedication made him reach the place where he is today. Being inspired by a street magician at the age of 14, he realised his interest in magic and also that magic makes people happy and create excitement. He started it as a hobby and today it’s his passion. As we say, nothing comes your way so easily. You will have to work hard and be patient with your efforts to pay you back. He patiently worked as a waiter in Dubai and entertained the guests. The appreciation and feedback by the guests made him confident enough to leave his job and go and achieve his dream of becoming a full-time magician. He performed street magic to workers each day and continued to search for work.He was selected by a talent agency. Since then, his career has seen rapid growth. He now works for himself as a full-time magician and has performed with celebrities from Paris Hilton to Manny Pacquaio and has regular shows at Dubai’s most prestigious venues such as ‘Atlantis’. This profession has not just made him famous but gave him various other opportunities. It allowed him to travel to several places such as Maldives and Zanzibar for performances. But most importantly, it has enabled him to become the happiest. Where he’s today, he has made his parents, family and the whole town proud. He has been practising magic for over thirteen years now and has been a full-time magician for four years in Dubai. He has achieved a greater height in life. The most important thing that he considers that this profession brought him was the opportunity to make others happy. He gets motivated with the energy and excitement that his audience would show towards him. Normando is a person who believes in talent and has a strong belief in following that talent, no matter if you are the only person to do so. It will take determination and risks, but it pays you off sooner or later. Don’t give up! Just keep focused and carry on working hard, it’s worth the wait! We wish him all the luck and support in all his future endeavours.

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