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Nol Card Personalization: Benefits and How to Upgrade

Dubai RTA Distributes Over 600 Free Pre-loaded Nol Cards to Needy Families

Are you worried about losing your NOL card and its balance? The Nol card personalization feature safeguards your balance and offers numerous advantages, allowing users to recover funds and access additional benefits.

Seamless Upgrades for Existing Users:

Existing Silver or Gold cardholders can easily link their cards to their Emirates ID, becoming registered users without replacing them. 

This simple upgrade ensures access to various perks and added security features without the hassle of obtaining a new card.

Key Advantages of Nol Card Personalization:

Upgrading to a personalized Nol card presents two primary benefits:

  1. Nol Plus Points: Users earn points for every top-up made via the Nol Plus app. Personalized cardholders earn one point for every Dh1 spent, while unregistered users earn one point for every Dh2. These points are redeemable for Nol card top-ups and at various outlets.
  2. Redemption and Protection: In cases of loss, theft, or card expiry, registered users can block the card, redeem the remaining balance, and proceed with the RTA’s refund process.

Refund Process for Lost or Expired Cards:

In situations requiring a card refund, users can call the RTA toll number to block the card and then visit the website’s ‘Nol refund’ section. 

The process involves entering the card number and following RTA’s procedures to retrieve the remaining balance.

Personalization Process and Associated Costs:

Existing Silver or Gold Nol cardholders can personalize their cards for Dh30 by linking them to their Emirates ID through the RTA website, smart app, or Nol Plus app.

New Cards and Special Designs:

  • Personal Silver Card: Dh70 (Dh50 application fee, Dh20 balance)
  • Personal Gold Card: Dh80 (Dh50 application fee, Dh20 balance, Dh10 card design)
  • Special Design Silver Card: Dh100 (Dh50 application fee, Dh30 special design, Dh20 balance)
  • Special Design Gold Card: Dh110 (Dh50 application fee, Dh30 special design, Dh20 balance, Dh10 gold design)

Understanding Personal and Personalized Cards:

Differentiating between the blue personal card and personalizing existing cards:

  • The blue personal card offers concessions for specific groups and discounted metro fares.
  • Personalizing an existing Silver or Gold card doesn’t provide discounted fares but grants reward benefits and card redemption options.

This clarification helps users distinguish between the types of cards and their associated benefits.

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