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Night Court Actor Richard Moll Passes Away at Age 80

Richard Moll, well remembered for his role as Bull Shannon on "Night Court," died at the age of 80.

Actor Richard Moll, best known for his role as Bull Shannon on “Night Court,” has sadly passed away at the age of 80. 

A representative for the actor confirmed that he died peacefully in his Big Bear Lake home on Thursday, October 26. The specific cause of death has not been disclosed.

Early Life and Education:

Richard Moll, born in Pasadena, California, was the youngest of two children. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in History before embarking on a career in acting.

Moll achieved fame and recognition for his portrayal of Bull Shannon, the lovable and towering bailiff, in the television series “Night Court.” 

He portrayed the character from 1984 to 1992 and was widely appreciated for his comedic talents. 

Moll’s distinctive bald look and catchphrase “Ooo-kay,” often used when his character realized a mistake, endeared him to fans of the show.

“Night Court” Reboot:

While “Night Court” was rebooted for the 2022-23 season, Richard Moll was reportedly not involved in the revival, marking a change from the beloved original series.

Recognitions and Voice Acting:

Throughout his career, Moll received acclaim and nominations, including a Saturn Award nomination in 1985 for his performance in “House.” 

He lent his distinctive voice to various animated characters, such as Harvey Dent/Two-Face in “The Adventures of Batman & Robin” and Scorpion in “Spider-Man: The Animated Series.”

Film and Television Appearances:

In addition to his iconic television role, Richard Moll appeared in various films and series, including “The Flintstones,” “Jingle All the Way,” “Casper Meets Wendy,” and “Scary Movie 2,” leaving his mark on both comedy and cinema.

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