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Nicolas Cage’s Surprise Superman Cameo in “The Flash” Revealed

Nicolas Cage has revealed information about his surprise Superman appearance in Andy Mushcietti's time-travel superhero flick "The Flash."

Nicolas Cage recently shared details about his surprise Superman cameo in Andy Mushcietti’s time-travel superhero film, “The Flash.” Contrary to popular belief, Cage revealed that his appearance was entirely CGI. 

The actor’s scenes were digitally altered to de-age him, and he was shown fighting a giant spider in an alternate dimension.

Unexpected Twist in the Alternate Dimension:

Cage’s Superman character, Kal-El, witnesses the destruction of a universe, conveying a range of emotions within a short timeframe. 

Despite having no dialogue, Cage had to express the character’s feelings of loss, sadness, and terror solely through his eyes. The cameo, lasting only seconds, surprised fans with its unexpected twist and emotional depth.

A Brief Set Experience:

Nicolas Cage recalled his limited time on set, spending around three hours filming the scene. 

Despite the brevity, he managed to convey the essence of Superman’s emotions in the face of the universe’s demise.

Tim Burton’s Reaction:

Tim Burton, who was once set to direct Cage in the canceled film “Superman Lives,” expressed his thoughts on the cameo. 

He acknowledged the creative freedom studios have in altering characters, emphasizing his current stance against the constraints imposed by major film studios.

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