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New Work Permits for Private Tuition Opens Opportunities

Education experts believe that the recently implemented work licences for private tuition in the UAE will create options for them to supplement their wages.

Education experts anticipate that the recently introduced work permits for private tuition in the UAE will provide teachers and eligible residents with opportunities to supplement their incomes. 

The collaboration between the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) enables qualified professionals to offer private lessons individually or in groups.

Aligning Private Lessons with Formal Curriculum:

The initiative aims to foster alignment between private lesson content and the formal school curriculum, emphasizing the potential for residents to enhance their earnings through this opportunity.

Kelvin Hornsby from GEMS Education highlights that work permits can enhance the credibility and marketability of teachers offering private lessons, potentially allowing them to attract more students and charge higher rates.

Upholding Educational Standards:

Experts stress the importance of tying these free work permits to specific qualifications and standards to ensure that educators providing private lessons meet specific requirements, thereby maintaining the quality of education.

Educators believe this initiative benefits students seeking additional support and teachers looking for extra income. It formalizes the process and ensures legal recognition for teachers offering personalized help.

Enhancing Educational Quality and Connections:

The formalization of private tuition is expected to enhance educational quality by checking the practice of underqualified individuals providing tutoring and establishing connections between schools and private tutors.

Community members welcome the move, acknowledging its benefits to students seeking additional educational support and educators seeking supplementary income. 

It’s seen as a way to improve the quality of instruction and create a competitive market for private tutoring.

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