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New Traffic Fines Enforced in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

New Traffic Fines Enforced in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Authorities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have introduced a Dh2,000 fine for individuals found popping their heads out of vehicle sunroofs or sitting on windows while the vehicle is in motion. This measure aims to enhance road safety and reduce traffic accidents. Offenders may also face vehicle impoundment and traffic points. The strict enforcement highlights the importance of adhering to traffic laws for the safety of all road users.

The implementation of this new fine is a clear message from Dubai and Abu Dhabi authorities about their commitment to public safety on roads. It’s a preventive measure against risky behaviors that compromise the safety of both the individuals involved and other road users. This rule is part of broader efforts to cultivate a culture of safety and responsibility among drivers and passengers alike, ensuring that the joy of driving does not turn into a potential hazard.

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